The Rules for Layering in Winter

You know how winter is all about layers? It’s always super hard to figure an outfit out during this season, and especially with my current schedule which makes me wake up around 5 when the temperature is usually pretty much different with what it will be around 1PM. But layering allows me to adapt, should… Continue reading The Rules for Layering in Winter


Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated this blog. With school, and personal life too, I was extremely busy lately (and I still am) but I couldn’t forgive myself if I let this site perish. I’d like to apologize to my few yet faithful readers (are you still there by the way, you’re… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

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2 Looks For Getting Back To School

It’s Back to School season! Not only for you, but also for me. As explained earlier in my ’20 Facts About Me’ post, I am enrolling in a master in Fashion Marketing – so excited about all the things I am going to learn OTHER than How To Write A Good Memoire. Homework stories aside,… Continue reading 2 Looks For Getting Back To School


Does ‘Black Look’ Mean ‘Adulthood’?

Today we’re talking ALL BLACKS. No, not rugby (not yet), but looks! Because I actually have history with what we Frenchies call ‘le total look black’.   Known as the Parisienne’s uniform, the full black look appeared to be… well, difficult for me to wear. I always thought I’d look sad, grumpy or even worse… Continue reading Does ‘Black Look’ Mean ‘Adulthood’?