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Breathe like a Parisienne

And I was back home. I spent a whole week in Paris early January, a year after my last visit to my most familiar and comfortable place on Earth. And boy, despite the pollution and heavy cloud of fine dust floating above the city, the air was so fresh. It was a very busy week… Continue reading Breathe like a Parisienne


Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated this blog. With school, and personal life too, I was extremely busy lately (and I still am) but I couldn’t forgive myself if I let this site perish. I’d like to apologize to my few yet faithful readers (are you still there by the way, you’re… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #3 School or What


Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold

Reminiscence of the early summer. Summer took its time this year, it came a little late but with a handful of extremely hot days. June was especially on and off, we thought fall would start earlier than expected and right when I decided to wear my chilly-days-faux-fur the temperature rose like crazy. I remember that… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold