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Daily Celebration Of Japanese Happiness

Because every single day should be a celebration (read me finally awakening from my winter depression) I decided to indulge in a little challenge with you guys: celebrating each day’s hidden purpose. International Potato Chip Day and more, today marks the beginning of a daily column of which the ever-changing theme will be decided by… Continue reading Daily Celebration Of Japanese Happiness

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2 Looks For Getting Back To School

It’s Back to School season! Not only for you, but also for me. As explained earlier in my ’20 Facts About Me’ post, I am enrolling in a master in Fashion Marketing – so excited about all the things I am going to learn OTHER than How To Write A Good Memoire. Homework stories aside,… Continue reading 2 Looks For Getting Back To School


Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold

Reminiscence of the early summer. Summer took its time this year, it came a little late but with a handful of extremely hot days. June was especially on and off, we thought fall would start earlier than expected and right when I decided to wear my chilly-days-faux-fur the temperature rose like crazy. I remember that… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold


Tiffany Hwang: From Girl’s Generation to Individual Style Icon

Style. That is probably the most solid yet most evolving aspect of one’s character. It grows through travels, encounters, the stories we hear and the experiences we live. It’s deep rooted into our souls but not innate, yet it’s eternal in a sense that it rarely fades away. It ripens, but never rots. There is… Continue reading Tiffany Hwang: From Girl’s Generation to Individual Style Icon