Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated this blog. With school, and personal life too, I was extremely busy lately (and I still am) but I couldn’t forgive myself if I let this site perish. I’d like to apologize to my few yet faithful readers (are you still there by the way, you’re… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

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2 Looks For Getting Back To School

It’s Back to School season! Not only for you, but also for me. As explained earlier in my ’20 Facts About Me’ post, I am enrolling in a master in Fashion Marketing – so excited about all the things I am going to learn OTHER than How To Write A Good Memoire. Homework stories aside,… Continue reading 2 Looks For Getting Back To School


Lookbook Series: #2 Who Cares?

The pleasure of old, good, organic cotton. Organic clothing may have been put into the mainstream; it still remains quite difficult to acquire such pieces when you’re on a budget. Even affordable options would stay more expensive than your basic H&M white tee, but who wants an H&M white tee when they can have super-soft-thick-cotton-white-tees?… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #2 Who Cares?


Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold

Reminiscence of the early summer. Summer took its time this year, it came a little late but with a handful of extremely hot days. June was especially on and off, we thought fall would start earlier than expected and right when I decided to wear my chilly-days-faux-fur the temperature rose like crazy. I remember that… Continue reading Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold