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Daily Celebration Of Japanese Happiness

Because every single day should be a celebration (read me finally awakening from my winter depression) I decided to indulge in a little challenge with you guys: celebrating each day’s hidden purpose. International Potato Chip Day and more, today marks the beginning of a daily column of which the ever-changing theme will be decided by… Continue reading Daily Celebration Of Japanese Happiness


20 Facts About Me

Because it’s about time you get to know the woman behind these pages. Here are 20 basic and less basic facts about me. For the blog’s About Me page, click here. I am French (yeah, shocking right?). I grew up in the Eastern part of France but I discovered real life (adult life I mean)… Continue reading 20 Facts About Me

Fashion, Looks

Do You Speak Japanese? Shock And Awe x The Kimono Kid

“Finally, a shirt that literally has ‘random Japanese shit’ all over it.” This is how Shock and Awe described their collaboration piece with The Kimono Kid when they first previewed it on their site. As a Western-born who entered adulthood in Japan, and then as a Japanese speaker myself, I am very familiar with all… Continue reading Do You Speak Japanese? Shock And Awe x The Kimono Kid


Beauty From Japan: New Secret Ingredient, Yokuinin

One thing I know for sure is that most skincare innovations come from the Orient. The BB and CC creams were born in Korea. And the cosmetic layering? It was first applied by the Japanese! While the Occident has a hand put on makeup (even though the tendency is starting to change), it’s Asia that… Continue reading Beauty From Japan: New Secret Ingredient, Yokuinin