IMG_20160609_210618My name is Nawael and I am the twentysomething chick behind this blog. Of Eastern French heritage, I later grew up between Asia and Paris, building up my adult self from scratches of global fashion, curiosity, food loveauthentic wonder for beauty and wall-wrecking passion for learning.

Soon-to-be a Fashion Student at Lyon’s Univeristé de la Mode (I am kicking off a master in September), I made my debut in the industry with Korean media outlet bnt news as a fashion and beauty editor but also as a marketing project leader for the international market, conducting a couple of projects for the likes of Innisfree, Stylenanda, Nature Republic, and more cosmetic brands. I was also a partner of Korean vegan leather brand Flat Iron for contents creation and West expansion.

Passionate about the international aspect of fashion and beauty but also about the people, I decided to create this lifestyle blog in order to share my experiences, vision, style and ideas. Here, you will enjoy reviews, beauty tips emerged from the inside of the industry, fashion stories and news, as well as a few glimpses into my personal style. But you’re also to connect with a generation that, like me, seeks for inspiration. Hence, other than fashion and beauty talks, I also plan to focus on the human aspect of the people around, incorporating interviews and discussions with inspiring people from all over the world to the blog. If you have a story to tell, I’d be pleased to make you my guest.

If you represent a brand or a company that would be interested in a collaboration, let me redirect you to this page, when you will find all the info you need.

You can also send your questions and inquiries at:

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