Daily Celebration of Spanish Extravaganza


I hear that March 27 is the day to celebrate Spain’s most loved food. A sunny meal, paella is probably the strongest image of Spain and its culture… abroad and domestically. And because paella is actually being celebrated in Spain every year, Aran Gonzalez tells us about the very special relationship that the Spanish have with their food.

Spanish gastronomy has the world licking its lips

Photo: Aran Gonzalez cooking paella

Feels like summer and the cultural and gastronomic attractions of Spain are waiting for us in the South.

Sun, heat, good atmosphere and tasty broth. With these ingredients and lots of people gathered in the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, the popular paella international party is coming, not only for Spanish inhabitants but also for all the tourists and visitors who do not hesitate to approach to enjoy a very special holiday.

Paella has become one of the icons of the Spanish gastronomy but on this day we also celebrate “tortilla de patata”, the traditional Spanish omelet by making competitions. And of course, the drink, in particular the sangria is an imperative.

Everybody gets up early to be festive. The most professional of the attendees participate in the competition, but most people just do it to spend the day with friends and taste the fabulous cuisine. After all, this occasion is the perfect excuse to spend the day drinking and dancing with friends.

In each region there is a different date for paella party, it can goes from January to July, but it is more typical to make it during the summer.

But this does not stop here, within the social customs of Spain, paella on Thursdays is an essential. This is a tradition that has been thriving for decades in restaurants and many places around the country. This tradition arises from the theory that Thursday was the free day for home service, this day home ladies used to take the day off and people used to go out to eat.

About the origin of the tradition we can find all kinds of theories and few clues but what we certainly know is that: if it is Thursday, it’s paella’s turn.

For all Spanish people living in foreign countries, it is hard to find this wide offer of paella, tapas and gastronomy frequently, that’s why it’s important to find a day for celebrating the Spanish Paella from our destinations all over the world.

But don’t worry, it is easy! The key is to find a good rice, olive oil and saffron, which is an essential spice that gives an amazing golden color to the rice.

Finally I recommend you to play with ingredients and your imagination!

Do you like paella? What’s your favorite Spanish meal? Share your thoughts in the comment section. You can also follow Aran on LinkedIn.


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