Daily Celebration Of Japanese Happiness

Because every single day should be a celebration (read me finally awakening from my winter depression) I decided to indulge in a little challenge with you guys: celebrating each day’s hidden purpose. International Potato Chip Day and more, today marks the beginning of a daily column of which the ever-changing theme will be decided by the calendar. Lists, guest posts, photographs, stories, lifestyle and fashion hacks, 365 more reasons to subscribe to the blog (little block on the right) starting March 18.


I hear that March 20 is the day to celebrate what makes us happy. This day was established by the UN to promote and raise awareness on the benefits of happiness. This is a very subjective notion regardless the supposedly scientific debates and what makes you happy may not bring me joy. And do you know what makes me happy? Japan! And I know I’m not alone. A very personal post, but here are 5 things the Japanese do that make us happy.


Photo: Taste.Com

Sushi. Okonomiyaki. Takoyaki. Katsudon. Tempura. Hitsumabushi. Well, the great Japanese food glossary is thicker than the dictionary. Japanese food is not only delicious, it is refined, it is elegant, it is an explosion of taste and textures. It tells about traditions, about history, about love and passion. I mean those who’ve been there already, they travel to Japan just to eat and that kind of proves how boss their cuisine is.





You can only feel good when surrounded with so many respectful vibes. Sure, Tokyo can be a stressful city (I mean Shibuya and Shinjuku can be stressful parts of the city) but once you’ve passed the first layer of crowd, there is a warm heart beating underneath the concrete. Smiles everywhere. Nice words always. And the service (Disney happy-ever-after material!)





We can’t be friends if you’re a denier. Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best assets of Japan for making the world bath in happiness. His movies, even the darkest ones, are such beautiful moments. Just knowing that ‘The Wind Rises’ wasn’t really his farewell film filled my heart and body and soul with the brightest of happiness sparks. We don’t deserve him.



It’s not about me, it’s about a generation. Several generations. Humanity. Beyond the otaku syndrome, it’s a never ending rabbit hole of references and philosophical quotes and inspiration. People bond through this.


Photo: Drop Tokyo

The fashion itself, be it traditional kimonos and obis or experimental Comme des Garçons creations, is already fascinating enough. But what actually makes it an inspiration is the freedom behind clothing there. And behind looks in general. I’ve never been to a place where people dress so much freely with so little consideration for what others might think. And I don’t wanna spoil you the basic rules of happiness but I think freedom is one of them.

Oh and hanabis too, and sakura lattes, and convenience stores. What is a country whose culture makes you happy? Share in the comment section below and subscribe for daily updates.


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