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Fashion Summer School in France Anyone?

France is at the core of fashion, there’s no room for doubt in the statement. And most fashion lovers dream of living the French experience. Lyon’s Université de la Mode (Fashion College) is currently offering the right option: a three-week program in Lyon and Paris to study fashion from an insider (and French) point of view! How great is that?


I am working with Lyon’s Université de la Mode and Modalyon (an institution promoting the development of fashion alongside the school) on this project and I thought: « holy flower, my readers must know about this opportunity! » This is the best chance to grow your passion for fashion all while building a solid network of internationally dispatched professionals.

This three-week program is harmoniously divided into lectures given by great professors, workshops, and cultural visits. The attendees will not only learn how to deal with the current growth of the fashion industry but also about its history through classes that cover from Fashion Tech to Textile History to Marketing and Digital Strategy. Specialists from museums and agencies gathered to accompany students into this adventure. Workshop and cultural visits contain not only fashion-related museums but also ateliers such as Hermès HTH, located in Lyon, a major leader in the French industry.

For its 15th edition, the Fashion Summer Session welcomes post-graduates and young professionals from all over the world with a thriving passion for fashion from June 19th to July 7th – and there’s only a dozen of spots left! You can find more details (such as the price and logistics) about this program by clicking here.

For a registration form, you can directly e-mail the amazing Marine, in charge of the project at to request yours!

Don’t hesitate to visit the Instagram account, too, as well as the Facebook page – and feel free to ask for more info! PS: it’s me on the cover, wearing this look.



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