The Rules for Layering in Winter

You know how winter is all about layers? It’s always super hard to figure an outfit out during this season, and especially with my current schedule which makes me wake up around 5 when the temperature is usually pretty much different with what it will be around 1PM. But layering allows me to adapt, should I adapt, to the environment while keeping it stylish.

Here are the four rules I go by when pulling out my layering card:



Always go for the shirt

The shirt is that item that you can wear in a million ways. It can be simple classic white, it can be polka dots, it can be denim or silk. You can wear it knotted around your waist, button it up or down, with cuffed sleeves or with accessories around your wrist. There is just a million ways to incorporate a shirt into your #ootd. And it’s always an easy piece to put on and off.


Play with volumes and lengths

It sounds basic but that really is the key. You just don’t layer pieces that are the same unless you’re only going for a warm shot – which is as much legit, no judgement. But if you’re trying to build a look that has a little edge, go for items that can have an impact on each other. A wool sweater over a white shirt on a pleated mini-skirt over a pair of skinny cotton pants. A dress on top of a longer and straighter one. Experiment.



Unify colors

When juggling with clothing items that have different sizes, lengths, volumes and fabrics, you will want to preserve a color story. When mix and matching, keep in mind that you want it to be even, fair, fluid. Choose two color categories and stay in this lane. Here, I divided my look into two types of tones: night tones with black, marine blue and brown, and airier tones with red and nude, keeping it somehow balanced.


Give another life to your pieces

They usually wear a see-through lace dress over an underdress to avoid too much skin exposure? Why would you. Play it reversed and put in on naked skin under a shirt or any kind of top to highlight a little flesh cameo. The trend that consisted in wearing a camisole over a tee-shirt or a sweater proved well enough that you don’t need to follow the pre-established rules of dressing up to look stylish.


This series was shot by Marta from Margot Brande. All pieces are mine.

How do you layer? What’s your key piece when layering? Tell me in the comment section below and subscribe to the blog for more looks and stories. You can also join me on Instagram and other social networks (everything below, yay).


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