Lookbook Series: #3 School or What

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated this blog. With school, and personal life too, I was extremely busy lately (and I still am) but I couldn’t forgive myself if I let this site perish. I’d like to apologize to my few yet faithful readers (are you still there by the way, you’re my life?) for such a long absence, I will try not to reproduce it.

I just turned 25, too (another bad news piling up onto the Pisa Tower of my Karma-inflected griefs). And adult life has never felt so real. Not because responsibilities collapsed on me over the weekend, but because France is this kind of country that subtly tells you that if not at a serious, solid, lifetime job position by the time you hit the 25th number, you failed at life. All the while complexifying access to the labor market for young graduates, but that’s another story.


If you’ve read me, you must know that I just decided to pursue my education by enrolling into a master in fashion marketing earlier in September. A way not to grow up too fast? Maybe not. But I’m pretty sure that wearing oversized sweaters to school is an unconscious choice that bends towards applying for a room at Neverland. It’s not like I do it all the time, but when I do, I do it right and comfy. Like with this thrifted item, so big and so thick (thus so warm) that matching it with a coat becomes Mission Impossible. You might think: what about cold? Well, it’s oversized enough to cover countless layers – such as this immaculate shirt (secret between you and I: it’s my high-school uniform from Japan) which I decorated with a golden cuff around one wrist. It adds a more serious, chicer twist to the cozy ambiance of the sweater. My signature black UNIQLO pants didn’t leave me yet (but they will soon, I’m seriously planning a UNIQLO spree for after Christmas) and neither did my favorite Topshop boots with tortoise heels. They seriously convey this Parisienne mood that I miss so much to any type of outfit.





by clicking on the photo

Do you usually wear sweaters to school? How do you style them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, you can also subscribe to the blog by entering you e-mail address in the box down there. Also, if you’re looking for someone new to engage with, join me on social media (everything’s below, I swear) -litteheartemoticone-.

Photos were shot by Marta from  Margotbrande.com. | None of the brands mentionned above sponsored this look. 


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