2 Looks For Getting Back To School

It’s Back to School season! Not only for you, but also for me. As explained earlier in my ’20 Facts About Me’ post, I am enrolling in a master in Fashion Marketing – so excited about all the things I am going to learn OTHER than How To Write A Good Memoire.

Homework stories aside, I thought it would be fun to celebrate this new season (and start) with two special ‘I’m-getting-back-to-school-after-years’ look ideas. Which, of course, you can still refer to if you didn’t press pause on your education.

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Having experienced high school in Japan, I used to wear a uniform. I didn’t really like it at the time because it was the only thing I was ever allowed to wear but today, out of its primary context, it has become a stylish piece that I was so happy to incorporate into my wardrobe. It’s stylish, classy, humble, and fucking warm I swear (I mean we wore it during snowy winter). For all the ladies out there who had a uniform a few years ago, my advice would be the following: go get it back right now and work it baby.

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Because summer heat is sort of over in France, I released the high-necks. Black is safe and black is hot this season. This tight high-neck top is my favorite when it comes to practical, Parisienne-kinda fashion. In order to minimize the monotonous ambiance of the look, consider adding a piece of statement jewelry, like this necklace from Mirina Collections. Mirina Collections is an accessory brand based in Manhattan, New York. Their wide collection includes a series of necklaces, from modern to more classic designs, to bold and statement pieces. I particularly loved this Roman Necklace for its classic yet contemporary mood. The crystal tears make me feel like a modern-time princess. You can visit their sit and even use a special coupon for a 20% discount off your order (scroll below for the coupon).

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Every look needs a wrap-up, and here it comes in the form of leather. Real leather on my feet, animal-cruelty-free leather on my arm. The boots are from Topshop, it’s last year’s collection. This roomy bag is from my favorite label… you can have a guess. Yes, you’re right, it’s Flatiron again. I just LOVE the space and how luxe it looks. It just makes the whole outfit a little more ‘mature’, in the good meaning of ‘mature’, like not childish. I took it on my first day of school and I gotta admit it was just perfect to carry all my papers and essentials.

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This second look opposes the first – in terms of shape and color – yet talks about elegance as well. We’re thinking white here, with a little black to balance the whole look – and a little red for passion. I admit that white can be really hard to wear, especially for school where you go by bus only to sit on strangers’ chairs. But this piece does make a statement, doesn’t it? I fell in love at first sight with this long blouse by COS and I truly want to wear it every single day of my life (but I can’t for previously stated reasons.)

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Because white makes the best of marriages with black, I paired it with my favorite black pants by UNIQLO. And a pair of high heeled low boots that give a little Texas mood. I always feel like a baddass when wearing them. The metallic heel adds a little modernism to the cowboyish print. But the key-piece to this other back-to-school look is the backpack. Flatiron again, I might say. It’s SLEEK, it’s roomy, it’s IVORY, it’s beautiful, and it’s even secretive as it boasts a super-secret opening system that only the lucky owners know about (you should see my friends trying to open it). I love taking it to school, especially when I am packing my notebook for my 3D classes, it allows me to safely carry my essentials.

Your Mirina Coupon for 20% OFF: mirinagirls

What do you wear to school? Which of these is your favorite look? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog by entering your e-mail in the subscribing block (below, too). We can also connect on Instagram – it’s up to you!

Disclosure: this post wasn’t sponsored by Flatiron nor any other brand. The necklace was offered to me at a very interesting rate by Mirina Collections through their Mirina Girls Program. This post is the result of my sole inspiration.

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