Lookbook Series: #1 Hot N’ Cold

Reminiscence of the early summer. Summer took its time this year, it came a little late but with a handful of extremely hot days. June was especially on and off, we thought fall would start earlier than expected and right when I decided to wear my chilly-days-faux-fur the temperature rose like crazy. I remember that morning, when I was getting ready to finally reunite with a friend of mine (Juliette) I hadn’t seen for more than a year. The weather was a little gloomy outside my apartment’s window and I thought: why take risks, let’s grab this coat in case it gets cold. Oh this day was so hot. It wasn’t the most practical outfit – from faux-fur to leather boots. It was a style bomb though. I was wearing a black sateen camisole underneath a sheer black shirt (which I totally love, it has flower prints on the back, it’s just super cute). Everything was tucked into these DIY denim shorts worn on bare legs. The leather boots are from Topshop and have a tortoise heels (so chic), and you know this bag is you know me, it’s my lovely Chelsea Uptown bag from Flatiron (I styled it here). I actually love to wear shorts with boots. It’s not oxymoronic at all! It’s like wearing a dress with sneakers, it just goes smoothly if you do it well.




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