Luxe From The East – Magda Butrym


In the fashion industry we know and love Poland for all the top models it provides yearly. But we rarely think of it as a luxury ready-to-wear supplier. Things are fortunately about to change and Magda Butrym is an ambassador.


The delicate and luxurious universe built and described by Polish designer Magdalena Butrym through her collection is just so precious. It also appears to be era-free. I mean that it releases this kind of vibe that would make you travel and dream, no matter when you were born. The aesthetics are really luxe, which add to the ethereal charms and nobility of the fabrics.


I first read about this fantastic label in a recent issue of The Edit, the online weekly publication of luxe shopping giant, Net-a-Porter. I have to say I was immediately struck by the atmosphere, which strangely reminds me of Balmain despite both brands being really different. What actually appealed to me the most was the inventive way Butrym work on some classics. For A/W16, fringes adorn a leather jacket, threads operate a sexy twist on the LDB, ruffles play with polka dots for an Andalucian mood… there are so many of your ‘basics’ that actually turn into masterpieces with Magda Butrym!


The label has already conquered many hearts in the fashion industry, and especially some influential ones – well it’s on Net-A-Porter to begin with. Fans include, to cite a few, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Arizona Muse or (obviously) Anja Rubik! The top models were spotted wearing the clothes several times, and I think Rosie is especially a fan. She apparently has a thing for them prints, but who doesn’t?


Magda Butrym is a label I surely can’t afford now (oh, the perks of being back to school) but I will follow all the collections from very close and I hope I can get my hands on some in the near future! What do you think of Magda Butrym’s universe and ready-to-wear pieces? Are you familiar with Eastern European fashion? I am curious about what you think so don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comment section below.

All photos courtesy of Magda Butrym.

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2 Replies to “Luxe From The East – Magda Butrym”

  1. A bunch of really pretty clothing store. I’m not really familiar with eastern Europe fashion but I discovered that they have specific style that is really amazing and pretty. Definitely would like to see more fashion from theses regions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, each region has its special features and Eastern Europe is no exception! I’ll make sure to post about anything Eastern that’s worth it from now on! Thanks for stopping by Laven!


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