Elie Saab Is The Secret To Mother-Daughter Couture Wear


It’s couture time and fashion’s most legendary houses took on Paris. And for the second year, I’m transporting there through my mobile devices. But it doesn’t stop me from feeling the energy of the runway. The poetry of organza falling along lace. Or the heat of velvet merging with leather. Aww, such a sweet dream I don’t want to wake up from.

Kim Weston Arnold3
all photos courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold

Every fairy tale eventually needs you to get back to reality to have a better impact, but Elie Saab’s book seems to never end. After announcing his first official Bridal Collection, the Lebanese créateur takes you on another journey this week into his signature ethereal universe except your New York friend is visiting and she brought you souvenirs from her hometown. Some gowns are illustrated with very urban prints while the preciousness of the Upper East Side appears in all the gold embroideries and the noble movement of the fabrics.

But the novelty that Saab is bringing into your world – after Karl Lagerfeld’s nephew cameos and pregnancy eulogy at Chanel – is the ‘mommy & me’ attitude, or how to wear couture in perfect adequacy with your daughter. Kid isn’t celebrating her sweet sixteen yet that she’s already sporting the same handmade silk organza ball gown as mum… Ah, the heiress life.

Kim Weston Arnold8
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The concept though is interesting when applied to runway. Mother-daughter style has been a thing lately (well, it’s always been I guess?) and by representing a younger clientele on the catwalk, Elie Saab appeals directly to the mothers out there who only wants the best for their kids (i.e the most expensive and gorgeous dress for the friend’s birthday party). And the best part – or the worst, depends on how you see the infamous glass – is that these little outfits do look comfy and practical!! Like your baby girl can actually play in it.

Having children walk the show alongside their ‘mummies’ is genius, but I would have seen it hit a bigger impact in the US, where the fashion relationship between a parent and their child appears to be more…privileged, than in France. That being said, it’s not like the audience at Couture is exclusively made of French women.

What do you think of Elie Saab’s idea of creating ‘mommy and me’ Couture looks? Are you a fan of Elie Saab? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also connect with me through or Instagram. And subscribe to the blog (below) if you liked this post!


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