3 Ways Of Styling The Chain Bag In Late Spring


There is something you need to know about me: I love bags very much. Before I moved to Seoul, I would own nearly 30 different designs. I’d donated most of them because I had to pack light but I’m getting back on tracks lately, and mostly thanks to the amazing Korean label Flatiron.

Flatiron is a ‘vegan leather’ accessory brand that fights for animal rights by replacing animal-issued leather by artificial one. It offers a very wide range of products, from backpacks to wallets, that are all super cute, super original and especially ultra-practical. Find more about them and their design on their website (which unfortunately doesn’t allow international shipping for now…but I hear it’s coming soon).


My ultimate favorite from Flat Iron is their crossbody bags. They’re simply gorgeous, and I particularly adore Chelsea Uptown, which is the first design from the brand I owned and also the first best-seller. It looks elegant without being too classy to be worn over a casual look… proof below! Here are three outfit ideas for you to style your chain bag this late spring.

T-shirts and Jeans


This is obviously the most classic look we can think of! In order to make it stand out a little bit, I like to add prints and/or volumes. Here, I chose the marinière striped t-shirt – the ultimate French touch. I wore it tucked inside boyfriend jeans that I literally adore. I’ve owned these Calvin Klein Jeans for a while now (courtesy of mummy) and I actually found it hard to rock them at the beginning. Thanks god the crop jeans trend came back a couple of years ago, it definitely helped me (yes, I’m a weak person). Because I’m also a midget, I never wear them jeans without a little heel. To reminds the elegance of the chain bag, I jumped into my new favorite stilettos.

T-shirt: thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Jeans: Calvin Klein Denim | Stilettos: San Marina

The Little Spring Dress



Never underestimate the power of a little light dress for Spring. It just looks good with everything. Today is also the day when you discover my stripe obsession with this design by a local designer (it’s a unique piece) with wide sleeves and delicate lace details. The round collar takes the drama away from the classical mood the dress’s cut and details give. It’s not an elegant piece though, it’s more casual girly. And I like to wear this kind of casual girly pieces with a chain bag to mix up the Lady and Baby Girl influences.

Dress: moT (local designer)

The Camisole


In June 2016, you can’t say you’re not familiar with the camisole. You’ve seen it everywhere, either in the form of the slip dress, or directly worn over a t-shirt. The latest, I find it hard to adopt as it reminds me too much of what female classmates used to wear in Japan because upper skin is taboo there (especially in high school)! I like to wear it raw, well more like I would like to wear it raw and pure on bare skin but France being France, that’s a very awkward move. This is why I wear it with a light jacket, to hide sexy shoulders and block insults on the streets. The camisole is a sexy, feminine piece that brings the chain bag’s most elegant charms to a whole new level.

Camisole: Esprit | Jacket: moT | Pants: Uniqlo | Stilettos: San Marina

Which look suits your style the best? Are you a chain bag girl too? Let me know in the comment section below. You can also connect with me through Instagram. If you liked this post, don’t forget to subscribe (below) for more updates!



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