Seoul Fashion Week Streetstyle Snaps


Seoul Fashion Week happened a couple of weeks ago already, and I’m so late! I had prepared you guys a dive into streetstyle at DDP (the Dongdaemun Plaza where Seoul Fashion Week happens every season) with the help of my great friend and amateur photographer Dominique when I lost all Internet connection (I moved into a new apartment and we have to install it all from case 0 and perhaps you know France).


But hey, there’s no bad timing for nice sartorial moments, am I right? So here, for you dear readers and friends, a few pictures of the best styles Dominique spotted after the Korean shows this season. She was a sweetheart and accepted to share them with us. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us which look is your favorite! Also, don’t forget to follow Dominique on Instagram for more snaps from Seoul and beyond.

DSC_0209 (2)
Straight long hair, marine tee, denim jacket and thin scarf: the perfect combo for a highly casual yet highly stylish look.
DSC_0326 (2)
Korean fashion today is all about simple shapes embellished with glorious details (colors, accessories, etc). And the schoolgirl pleated skirt is especially on trend.
DSC_0331 (2)
Prints is also an important part of fashion in Asia.
DSC_0344 (2)
Micro-fashion is a concept foreign to France but look at this, isn’t he so adorable? I love it when kids dress up better than us.
DSC_0389 (2)
Little extravaganza for Asian fashion root promotion. When men are into fashion, they really are.
DSC_0419 (2)
Little bows on shoe straps is the ultimate footwear trend this season in Seoul.
DSC_1027 (2)
Modern twist of the traditional garment, hanbok, which appears to be extremely stylish in the street, too.
When your middle school sister has more sense than you.
Girly references to the 90’s always seem to work, right?
DSC_1851 (2)
I’m usually scared with too much tattoos but this girl here got me fascinated (little game: find the Che)
DSC_1960 (2)
We rarely talk about non-Korean attendants but this fellow here is about to turn the tables. Just on point.
DSC_1965 (2)
When manly elegance meets modern girly-ism in sky blue hues.

2 Replies to “Seoul Fashion Week Streetstyle Snaps”

  1. The couple look was great. I really like the style of the girl in the blue suit though. It is kinda funny to see that they are far from the usual Kangnam fashion. Maybe closer to Hongdae vibe?


    1. Well, you can spot this kind of looks deep in Garosugil sometimes but I agree with you, that’s not the basic Gangnam style right?!
      Thank you for stopping by dear :p


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