Does ‘Black Look’ Mean ‘Adulthood’?


Today we’re talking ALL BLACKS. No, not rugby (not yet), but looks! Because I actually have history with what we Frenchies call ‘le total look black’.


Known as the Parisienne’s uniform, the full black look appeared to be… well, difficult for me to wear. I always thought I’d look sad, grumpy or even worse – sick. I used to think an outfit without a touch of color (be it bright or subtle) was like a meal without cheese – savor-less and boring.


HOWEVER, I started to realize that, as I was becoming more familiar with the adult world, my wardrobe was also filling up with darker shades. I mean, my first pair of black pants, I got them three years ago, until then I was swearing by blue denim.


Turtleneck: thrift | Black pants: UNIQLO | Stilettos: San Marina

I thought of writing this short story about how I accommodated the big black look when, a couple of days ago, my high schooler cousin noted that I “mostly wear black clothes, right”? So I had become this very French girl. The one who only wears black and lipstick. My transformation wasn’t over though, I am still a non-smoker!

Six years ago, when I was still a fresh little flower, I barely had one thing black other than shoes and a few sweaters maybe in my little wardrobe. Today, I barely find color. Most of my items are either black, or white – or beige, okay, little rebel. I find it a little sad. I kind of feel like turning into a responsible adult who works and travels and eats green juices implies bidding farewell to all the childishness that could have been represented by colors and patterns of all kinds! I know (well, I believe) it’s not, but I do intend to bring the color back. Especially with Spring starting up. And as a cure, I just started with acquiring a nice pair of customized Nike Air Zoom Pegasus in bright red with flowers all over!


Tell me about your wardrobe. What does ‘full black look’ mean to you? How did you see your style evolve the past years? Tell me everything in the comment section below! We can also connect through Instagram.


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