Best Hair in French Football 2015-2016


So…here we are. Ever since I started this blog, I only wrote about women. I noticed that this is something we girls do, we tend to pay more attention to female celebrities and leaders than to male, while boys, they’re all about the opposite sex. Unless we’re talking about football (yes, I say football, and not soccer, because it is foot-ball).

The sexist world of football fandoms finds its irregularity in the fact that even women mostly care about male players. We know little about female football unless we’re really familiar with the sport, and all we care about is Cristiano Ronaldo/David Beckham (back then)/Neymar Jr/Lionel Messi (for the craziest of us). But I realized something else as I got back on the Ligue 1 tracks: all these athletes that we love, they have another big thing in common than the round ball they spend hours kicking in: bad hair. You read me well: bad hair. It seems like it’s correlated to football – or sports in general – but the players we see on the big green field never seem to be gifted with beautiful and healthy tresses. WORSE, it seems the rule to have no taste in hair dressing.

This is how, today, I decided to end 2015 with a (very short, dear god) selection of the BEST HAIR of French football for the 15-16 season (and tips to achieve the same results for the few male readers that might stop by). Girls, get ready to queue for implants because these men here have better hair than you.

#4 – Nabil Fekir, Olympique Lyonnais (OL)


When he quits greasy game hair, the French striker for Lyon has a more-than-decent style up there. And we know how Algerian hair can be resilient and fuss-making. But Fekir happens to wear a nice dark brown crown that even looks nice under the rain (me, jealous, I have to say). Not that curly hair is bad (on the contrary, it’s gorgeous), but his looks so easy to handle, so soft and fresh. I can’t deny it’s one’s life goals.


  • For aerial manes, the number one rule that should be followed by everyone (men, and women, young and old), is to decrease the frequency of your shampoo. Most basic rule, I’m telling you. Yeah, it’s greasy, and you have to wash it clean, but please note that the more you wash your hair, the faster it turns oily. It’s simple physics. So, be a good boy, and stop washing your hair every day/every other day. You can start by slowly adding one more ‘free day’ between your shampoo then two. And maybe three in the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to do it ‘the girly’ way and nourish your hair with some conditioner, please. This is for your own sake. There are numerous of conditioners on the market, choose some that fits your taste and your hair (for Fekir’s, for example, might sound good to go with a product enriched in Argan oil) – and dry hair owners can add an oil on their dry manes.
  • Most important: avoid hair dryers. They’re evil.

#3 – Jérémy Clément, Association Sportive de Saint Etienne (ASSE)


Jeremy CLEMENT – 30.09.2012 – Saint Etienne / Reims – 7eme journee de ligue 1 – Photo : Jean Paul Thomas / Icon Sport

Clément is already 31, and he doesn’t look like his age, it’s also thanks to his pretty hair. And I mean it, because having nice hair for a Saint Etienne player is almost harder than flying for an ostrich. The defensive midfielder flaunts luminous brown hair even on the field. The cut isn’t that bad either, regarding that it’s simple and cute at the same time – nothing like his fellow colleagues Pogba or Perrier. Why 3rd and not 4th? I faced a hard time making my mind, but I’d say Jérémy Clément wins Fekir here because he rarely shows up with oily greasy hair even on the field.


  • To avoid greasy hair and preserve a light texture, make sure that your hair is completely dry (through air) before going out especially when it’s humid and cold outside.
  • When you’re gifted with straight yet voluminous hair, make sure to comb it properly and frequently with a wide-tooth tool to avoid tangles that would break its structure.
  • Like above, drop your shampoo frequency and use a conditioner every single time you wash your hair. However, unless they’re really harmed, if you have hair similar with Clément’s, avoid adding an oil to your routine (especially shea).

#2 – Kevin Trapp, Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

We’re getting right to it. The handsome Trapp is surprisingly part of this ranking (and no less than 2nd). The German goal keeper that was rumored to be dating Rihanna but happen to actually share his heart with Izabel Goulart didn’t perform well enough to steal the first place to his fellow junior yet boasts some nice hair we’d like our boyfriends to have (well, if we pretend to deny that we’d like our boyfriends to actually be Kevin Trapp). It’s light, it’s voluminous, it’s healthy, and it smells natural. Especially after a few minutes of blocking rocket balls coming from a few football geniuses, the hair suddenly loses its waxy appearance and falls into grace on the forehead. Yep, you got it.


  • Comb, comb, comb. Help it stay voluminous with oil sprays but never use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo makes the hair a little sad despite all the claims about enhancing volume and freshness.
  • Thick hair like Trapp’s like to be cut regularly. Get your hair cut every month in order to help them grow healthier.
  • Buy him.

#1 – Adrien Rabiot, Paris Saint Germain (PSG)


It’s safe to say that young and pretty Rabiot has the best hair in the French football game. Probably on a European scale too. I mean, look at this curls. Perfection that came from heaven. Every time he leaves his bench to enter the party, it’s like little angels and flying roses are surrounding his chase of the ball. With no doubt, the crown of the day goes to Adrien Rabiot’s glorious hair. I don’t even know what to write because such treasure does not require any comment.


Pray. Hard.


Special distinction also goes to Benjamin Pavard of Lille’s LOSC for the cutest curls of the year. Look at him, isn’t that adorable?!


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So, that was my ranking, my choice. But make sure to share your opinion too. Is it Nabil Fekir, Jérémy Clément, Kevin Trapp or Adrien Rabiot that you like? The choice, is yours darling.

You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂 Also, support the blog on Instagram. And enjoy your last day of 2015!


2 Replies to “Best Hair in French Football 2015-2016”

  1. Oh my God I love this post Nawael! I was smiling all the way through because it was so entertaining- why would I ever think beauty blogging is boring! This just goes to show the wide range of subject matter you can talk about. I don’t know anything about soccer (we have our own version of football:P), but thanks for educating me a little. Also, how hot is Nabil Fekir! He’s certainly on my radar now hehee.

    Loving your new layout too btw. I’m thinking of changing mine over to something more dynamic too. The shopping section is awesome!


    1. Thank you Kim! I’m happy to see someone has read it, hahaha!
      Yes, beauty blogging (and lifestyle blogging in general) includes many aspects and subjects that we can cover. It’s just that we don’t automatically think about it because they’re not the ‘basic beauty post’ we see on bloglovin, for example. We can always mix various perspectives 🙂
      Awww, I’m glad I introduced you to some eyecandy material, hehe. But I’m more into Kevin Trapp, even though they’re all kinda hot to be honest (was it Best Face of French Football or Best Hair, I don’t remember).
      Thank you for you kind words about the layout too. I always thought your blog were pretty but a little change from time to time never hurts so go ahead ! 🙂


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