Seohyun’s Beauty in Cosmopolitan Takes New Dimension



If you think you have seen it all about Seohyun’s beauty and charms, I’m sorry but I have to prove you wrong tonight as her latest Cosmopolitan spread unveiled!


The youngest member of Asia’s top girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) was a good sprout since the very first day. From her first public appearance, she had that ‘little duckling turning gorgeous swan’ potential and we can pick 2015 as the year that confirmed it! We knew from the start, when she endorsed her ballerina mask in SNSD’s first music video ‘Into The New World’ (yes, if you watch the clip, you might find it real sweet and childish, but it was 2007, we were all like that in 2007).

You might wonder why I started featuring Kpop idols on the blog? And that’s a rational thought. The thing is that, more than being idols, Seohyun (or Jessica, who was featured in an article last week) has grown up a true fashion icon for women not only in South Korea but all over Asia/the world. Her good taste and boldness, curiosity for fashion endeavors and sartorial creativity are often well-noted and appreciated by the community and, most importantly, by girls and boys who are not aware of the season’s trends and codes. Another proof of her success in the industry is that she starts multiplies awesome spreads like this one in several fashion and beauty-related magazines.

However, Seohyun was for a long time confined to one ‘fashion role’. She was often playing the beautiful doll that has flawless hair and flawless posture but doesn’t move. Her ‘girl next door’ physique probably weighted a lot in that matter but as she becomes a grown-up woman, she slowly starts exploring alternatives to her beauty. Which is, again, something she achieved through this Cosmopolitan series! The contrast between the #Iwokeuplikethis shot and the ‘wet-hair-don’t-care’ close-up is impressive. And I like it a lot! Of course she still has her pure and innocent I-grow-veggies-in-my-organic-yard story that she tells, but it’s part of her and we will never want it to change.

All photos, courtesy of Cosmopolitan Korea.

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2 Replies to “Seohyun’s Beauty in Cosmopolitan Takes New Dimension”

  1. I don’t think I would have ever thought to call someone a good sprout, but this is perfect for Seobaby! She looks stunning in this shoot ♥ You are right, this shoot has a nice balance of showing who Seohyun is and then contrasting that with a different style. Great article ^^


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