Jessica Jung’s HIGHCUT Spread Means More Than Makeup


Hello y’all, I am not sure you’re familiar with today’s topic, but I felt like I had to talk to you about Jessica Jung’s latest beauty spread in HIGHCUT magazine.


HIGHCUT is a Korean magazine that specializes in high fashion, trendy beauty and good taste. It often features Korea’s greatest stars and icons for pictorials, interviews and many other inspiring columns. Jessica Jung is a former member of giant Hallyu superstar group SNSD/Girls’ Generation and now creates her own fashion pieces under her label BLANC&ECLARE. The young designer also announced she would release a new album for 2016, and her taking over main magazines like HIGHCUT got us thinking that she’s really ready to do big things.

So yeah, Jess graced HIGHCUT pages for a super nice and flawless editorial with J.ESTINA RED BEAUTY. J.ESTINA RED is a label under J.ESTINA, a jewelry and accessory brand that also took over the makeup industry with colorful and refined products for women. Reaching through Asia, J.ESTINA is a brand that quite often affords influential women (even American actresses pose for the brand’s campaigns) in order to reach more and more consumers.


Now that the lesson is learned, time has come for us all to enjoy the gorgeous pictures this article is about! Warning, you may fall in love.


Jessica is also known for having done a lot of surgery and even though many of her fans tried to deny it at first, there’s no room left for doubt anymore. However, no matter how sharpened a face is by a surgeon, what makes true beauty – and what comes first for models – is charism and individuality. Those two, Jung seems to own. She knows exactly how to work her angles, she has more-than-flawless skin and looks like no other (except maybe her little sister, Krystal). After she left SM Entertainment earlier this year, Jessica may have had some troubles coming back into light, but now that she stood again – taller than ever – we can affirm that she’s a safe and steady bet for brands to advertise their image. Korea is a pioneer regarding celebrity marketing, and she was always a boss for that game thanks to her uniqueness and sense.


Jessica Jung indeed graced the cover of so many magazines (even the American edition of NYLON for instance) and was often invited to designer shows and other fashion related events (openings, premieres, and more). The reason why this HIGHCUT pictorial sounded like a bomb when it landed Internet is right here: while Jessica stayed far from the Korean cameras this year – she was more focused on her business expansion across Asia -, the general public went from grief to moving on and nobody was ready for, well, that. Not only did she come back more beautiful than ever, she seems to have earned wisdom and maturity, both necessary for a successful return onto the international scene as an artist who grew up in a girl group.


Now freed from girlgrouping, Jessica aspires to be much more than a makeup-selling idol and is warning Korea, and the world, that when she’s gonna hit back, it’s gonna make more damages than her dismissal from SNSD ever did to anybody.


Where you waiting for Jessica’s comeback? Do you like Jessica Jung and this campaign?

All photos courtesy of HIGHCUT



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