Fur This Winter Up



Another round of HYPER cold days and night is coming. Winter, we call that. I know, France is not the coldest country in the world, but I swear if you had to live where my parents do, you’d be with me on that one: every city above Lyon feels like the great North Pole.


So yes, in Paris, like in Rennes, or Nancy, or Strasbourg, faux fur is a must starting every November. I choose mine nude, from Stylenanda (a Korean label I love) and supper fluffy. It’s oh so bigger than myself but that’s what makes it so fun, isn’t it? Here, I decided to take the drama away of the luxe silhouette with an oversized sweater with hangul (Korean alphabet) inspired motives and bi-fabric legging pants (mesh + leather, I usually hate leggings but am a big fan of this one). Add a bit of height with a pair of leather black stilettos and you’re ready to walk the alleys of Rue de Rivoli (coat, sweater and leggings courtesy of Stylenanda).


What do you wear your faux fur with? Have you ever heard of Stylenanda? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below and support by following the blog on Instagram.Cheers!


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